Following is our placement for 2016 Summer Training Levels.

Please review the following:

The process for placement on Training Levels occurs during the Summer Intensive Sessions.  The faculty may request to observe students on different levels or we may choose to have a student remain in their current level.  These are various outcomes at the end of the summer intensives:

  • a student may be invited to remain on the level in which they were currently training for the upcoming season
  • they may have trained on a level for the entire summer intensive and be invited to another level for the upcoming season
  • a student may have been asked to be observed in different levels for a portion or all of the summer intensives and be invited to their previous level or a new level
  • they may not receive any invitation for training level and would be placed in our standard class program

Our goal is to help our students succeed.  We place students together in a group with similar skill sets, maturity, focus, and the ability to take and make corrections.

Our faculty is a dedicated group of highly trained professionals.  We are extremely thankful for your continued trust and support in you dancer’s education.

Pre-Professional L1
Kylee Carmichael
Meryn Evans
Caitlin Krueger
Emily Midthun
Olivia Peters
Julia Schaefer
Ava Sedlacek
Kendall Steinmetz
Frances Varrelmann
Pre-Professional L2
Charlotte Albers
Bella Bibro
Eden Lamberty
Kaylie Frydenlund
Isabella Sanchez
Annika Schloesser
Annalise Schreier
Cheyanne Tachick
Pre-Professional L3
Paige Bellefeuille
Sierra Bergman
Rachel Foldy
Ingrid Gibson
Morgan Masten
Makayla McGlory
Emma Mueller
Jillian Newman
Gilian Scot
Nadia Olveda[/one_third_last]
Pre-Professional L4
Annie Balthazor
Mady Buell
Grace Gilbert
Annika Hauser
Andrin Johnson
Grace LeBeau
Lindsey Luebke
Mary Kate McNulty
Kaylea Midthun
Madelyn Moline
Hannah Olson
Allison Rudolf
Emma Stokes
Pre-Professional L5
Sydney Collins
Isabelle Genter
Carly Havey
Kendyll Hazzard
Maggie McNulty
Alexa Nelson
Julia Pope
Shadoe Rupp
Catherine Smith
Abbie Shinkle
Aly Solberg
Elle Stokes
Emma Tinoco
Taylor Vingum[/one_half_last]