SCPA is dedicated to providing the finest classical training in the performing arts. Offering classes in dance, drama, music, the SCPA students are taught in a nurturing environment that fosters confidence and individual accomplishment as well as artistry and technique. Our students are people as well as artists in training. We place as much importance on the quality of character as we do the quality of the performing arts.

Located in our new facility, the spacious dance studios and music rooms provide the perfect environment to learn from SCPA’s professional staff. Whether you want to learn for your own enjoyment, work towards a spot on the award-winning dance company, or seek a career in the performing arts, Stoughton Center for the Performing Arts will help you reach your goals.

The benefits of an education in the performing arts are not solely the obvious ones of developing and mastering the skills that enable students to become accomplished artists. Throughout the studio, students work hard and in the process develop confidence, self-respect, and a healthy work ethic. We watch them celebrate their accomplishments and those of others and weather their disappointments with honesty and dignity.