SCPA is excited to announce that it is now offering Visual Art Classes!

These classes will run in 7 week sessions and are “Exploring Art with Different Mediums”.
Session I runs mid January to early March, and in this session students will learn some of the fundamentals of drawing and will explore painting.  Session II runs early April to late May and students will work on drawing fundamentals, explore painting and mixed media art.  At the end of each session there will be an art show to show off their work!

For more information including dates and times of classes, please see our Art Session Information PDF.

Each session is $125/student plus a $25 registration fee.  Private lessons are available as well, please contact us for information!


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About the Instructor

Sara Lenz received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design from the UW Madison in 1989 and then went on to earn a Master of Architecture from UW Milwaukee in 1992. She subsequently worked in the field of architecture for 3 years at which point she made the decision to stay home to focus full time on raising my young children. Once her children were school age, Sara became a substitute teacher for the Stoughton School District and also worked for the Oregon School District as an educational assistant. During this time she continued to pursue her passion for art in various ways including taking numerous classes in art and art history.

Sara has always loved working with children and has a true passion for art.  Five years ago, she decided to follow her dream and start her own business, Creative Canvases with Sara, and has been teaching Art Classes every since.  Her favorite part of all this by far is working with kids and seeing the smiles that come with their artistic successes. As an art teacher, every time she is with her students she is reminded of the true importance and value of art. Sara feels that art is very important in child development and can help to build a child’s self-confidence, give them courage, and help them to better communicate and express themselves..

Miss Sara is extremely excited to be part of Stoughton Center for the Performing Arts and to be offering Visual Art classes for the students at SCPA!