They’re back people!!  Help pay for SCPA tuition and costs by selling these scrumptious treats!

If you have not yet indulged in a Butter Braid, you must.  Now I enjoy a good coffee cake now and then, but these are no comparison.  There is no minimum amount for fundraising, so you could even order a few for yourself and get some money deposited into your SCPA account!

But why not share the yummy goodness?  I’m serious, these are the best.  Sell them to friends and family – they will be so grateful you did.

Butter Braid Fundraiser Order Form

Start collecting orders now.  Turn the form in to the SCPA front office on or before October 1st.  **All checks should be made payable to StageWorks Projects – NOT SCPA (it states on the order form SCPA).

They’ll be delivered to SCPA on October 12th about 4:30pm.  (You must make arrangements to pick them up then as they arrive frozen and we have no way to store them.)

Each Butter Braid is $12, your profit is approximately $5 per braid.
Lisa Olveda is the lead on this fundraiser, so contact her (info on order form) if you have questions!