Your dancer may know the style of dance he/she wishes to pursue, but please allow our professional instructors to guide you in proper placement of classes. If you are unsure as to what style of dance you wish to take, we’d be happy to help!

Standard Dance Classes

scpa2Pre-Ballet (3-4 Years Old)

Designed for the beginner, this class is a fun way to learn the fundamentals of dance on which students will build their skills. Curriculum always includes age appropriate movement, terminology, and discipline.



 Studio1Ballet (5+ Years Old)

A theatrical art form using dance in which fixed poses and steps are combined with light, flowing movement to convey a story. Ballet is the foundation of all artistic dance. This class teaches proper body alignment and position, fluid transition between position of arms, legs, and feet, timing and attention to technical detail that will enhance the student’s success as an accomplished performer.



Snow1Pre Pointe (9+ Years Old)

An upper level ballet class. Students may spend multiple years in Pre Pointe in order to master the technique and strength required for Pointe. Placement is by faculty recommendation only.




HungarianDance Pointe (11+ Years Old)

For the advanced ballet student, Pointe is the ultimate expression of artistic dance performed on the toes in Pointe shoes. Students may advance to pointe after developing sufficient strength in their feet, backs, and legs. Placement is by faculty recommendation only. A technique class is strongly recommended in addition to Pointe class.



scpastudio07Technique (10+ Years Old)

Focusing more intensely on the basics, technique helps the student work on their particular weakness and improve on their strengths.




 scpadanceKTLyrical/Contemporary (10+ Years Old)

A fluid style that blends movements from European classical ballet, American modern dance, jazz and other world forms. The dancer interprets the lyrics and/or music through choreographic expression.




 scpa1Jazz (5+ Years Old)

Jazz dance blends styles, forms, and movements with roots based in African dance. A marriage of movement and jazz music beats creates a propulsive energy and momentum with emphasis on syncopation, improvisation, and rhythm.



Damaged Poms (5+ Years Old)

Poms includes all the elements of dance team technique and style. Kick line, jumps, turns, leaps, basic tumbling, sharp dance movements, and tons of fun!




Multiciplicity12 Hip Hop (5+ Years Old)

Hip Hop, Funk, and Street Dancing all describe the latest trends in club, music video and industrial work from both the East and West Coast styles.




 tapphotoTap (5+ Years Old)

Tap is a dance style using the toes and heels to create percussive rhythms. Sharing the same roots as Irish Clog Dancing, Tap arose out of the black slave culture. Originally used as a form of communication, tap quickly evolved into an entertainment, now one of the most popular styles of dance in the world. Endurance, coordination, and speed (some dancers can tap more than 70 times in fifteen seconds) are the hallmarks of Tap.


We also offer Adult dance classes, Modern classes, and other unique disciplines. Please contact us to inquire about the additional classes occasionally offered within our curriculum.