The SCPA Dance Company and Pre Professional Training Levels are part of our Pre-Professional dance program.

View our 2017-18 Company Dancers and Summer 2017 PPL Placement!

Placement on Dance Company is by audition only. Auditions are held in late Spring. Company dancers are involved in competitions, performances, conventions, and lecture/demonstrations. They are available for performances for any group or organization.

Our Pre Professional Levels offer a more intense study within our dance department.  Students within our Pre Professional Level Classes may be involved in performances, conventions, and lecture/demonstrations throughout the year.

The process for placement on Pre Professional Levels occurs during the Summer Intensive Sessions.  The faculty may request to observe students on different levels or we may choose to have a student remain in their current level.

Many factors contribute to placement including body type, growth rate of bone and muscle, emotional and psychological development, and degree of personal commitment to training. Students are placed in one of our five levels to master advanced technical skill, consistency, musicality, articulation, strong work ethic, and teamwork within the strict parameters of the art form.

The trust you place in our faculty regarding placement is greatly needed.  Sometimes the challenge with a dancer isn’t in doing the material, it’s in refining the technique, perfecting the dynamics, and finding the right performance quality.  Our instincts and expertise will tell us where a dancer is placed for now, but we are always watching their progress throughout the year and if they reach a certain level we will consider moving them up.