Every effort will be made to move quickly, however please plan on it being a long evening.
It is nearly impossible to estimate how long the rehearsals will run.

DRESS REHEARSALS ARE CLOSED – please, no visitors! One parent is allowed per performer.


  • Dancer should be dressed for their first number with hair and stage make-up as teacher specified
  • A parent and performer should be seated in the auditorium by 5:00PM for notes
  • Pre-Professional Level & Company should be on stage by 4:00PM for dress rehearsal warm-ups.

LISTEN TO NOTES – these notes will probably answer a lot of frequently asked questions!


  • No child is to be left unattended
  • You are responsible for dancer’s costume and any costume or hair changes needed
  • Dancer’s hair (as specified by teacher)
  • Dancer’s make-up (see notes below)
  • Getting dancer to assigned dressing room ready to perform at least 5 numbers before his/her performance (Absolutely NO MALES are allowed in the dressing rooms at ANY TIME).
  • Please stay in the auditorium immediately following performer’s rehearsal for corrections on make-up, hair, etc. If that is their final time on stage, you are free to leave.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO food, drinks, candy, or gum is allowed in the auditorium or backstage, or in any of the dressing rooms (this includes in dance bags)
  • Professional photography is available in the Lobby (see the ‘Capturing Memories’ section)
  • Cover-ups are mandatory if your child leaves the Backstage Area and must stay on them the entire time they are not backstage.

General Suggestions


  • Ballet – Ballet pink tights and pink ballet shoes (drawstrings tied and tucked in)
  • Tap – as per teacher specification, usually black or suntan tights, black tap shoes (with tap ribbons given with costume or black if none were given)
  • Jazz – as per teacher specification, usually black or suntan tights, black jazz shoes (Dance Company required to have tan and black)
  • Nylons are NOT acceptable to wear in place of suntan tights.
  • Hairspray all shoe ribbons to help them stay tied.

We request that all shoes and tights be in good repair or purchased at the front desk for uniform color on stage.

MAKE-UP – Professional stage make-up kits are available at the front desk.

  • Blush – applied HEAVY to the cheek bone and blended
  • Lips – RED lipstick (no exceptions)
  • Eyebrows – should be penciled in if they are light
  • Eyes – mascara (or false eyelashes available at front desk), neutral brown or gray eye shadow (no blue or green)
  • Eyeliner – top and bottom
  • Powder – recommended to set make-up and reduce shine
  • False eyelashes are REQUIRED for all Dance Company and Pre Professional Level students

ALL Make-up must be heavier than street make-up to be seen under the theatre lights.

HAIR – will be specified by teacher during visitor’s week. Below are some tips:

  • Use bobby pins the same color as hair; no barrettes please
  • Use extra-strength gel on slightly damp hair to put dancer’s hair up and prevent fly- aways or wispies
  • Hair nets (twisted around bun numerous times to cover the whole bun) should be used to keep hair in a bun
  • Short Hair – ANY length of hair can look like it is up or in a bun – the key is a lot of gel and a ton of bobby pins
  • Long Hair – If hair is thick and difficult to stay in a bun, separate into two sections, wrapping opposite ways to form the bun.  “Industrial strength” bobby pins work extremely well and are available for purchase at the front desk.

COSTUMES – details will be specified by teachers during visitor’s week. Some general suggestions are listed below:

  • Check to be sure you have all the parts of the costume, and mark each with dancer’s name
  • Costumes should be hung up to remove any wrinkles – tutus should be hung UPSIDE DOWN by the crotch – this will keep the tutu from drooping
  • Fringe on your costume may have threads holding the fringe together; these should be carefully removed before dress rehearsal
  • When sewing costumes, please match color of thread to costume
  • NO SAFETY PINS ARE TO BE USED – these can be harmful to the dancer
  • Ballet tutus are sewn at the hip, not at the waist. It should be tacked (stitched to the leotard with a small loop, much like sewing on a button) in four places (front, both sides, and back.)
  • Allow for stretch in the costume when sewing
  • Please remember these costumes are meant to fit at this moment, they are not meant to be grown into
  • Undertards are available for purchase at the front desk for extra support and modesty under costumes.
  • If alterations to your child’s costume are needed it will be specified by the dance instructor during visitors week.  If alterations are specified, do any needed sewing or alterations to the costume prior to dress rehearsal.  If you are unable to alter your child’s costume, Robin (our in house seamstress) is available to perform this service for a fee.  Please contact her at 608.371.3867.  Please allow at least two weeks for the alterations to be done, otherwise there will be a $10 rush charge incurred.