PERFORMERS SHOULD BE AT THE THEATRE 30 minutes prior to curtain. Dance Company & Pre-Professional Level Students must be onstage 60 minutes prior to all rehearsals and 90 minutes prior to performances for warm-up.

YOUR PERFORMERS MUST WEAR a cover-up over his/her costume every time they leave the backstage area and are in the lobby or auditorium. This cover-up MUST conceal the entire costume!


  • NO smoking on school property
  • NO ONE is allowed to watch from backstage
  • Caution children about running and noise
  • Aisles are to be kept clear at all times
  • Lobby doors will open 45 minutes prior to curtain, theatre doors will open 30 minutes prior to curtain
  • You may exit and enter the theatre during applause only – the flood of lights from the lobby and hallways ruins the lighting and videotaping if doors are opened during a performance. Your child may not be onstage but the person behind you may have someone performing – please be courteous to others. We will assist at the doors to ensure no one enters or exits during numbers.
  • Please be prepared to show your hand stamp upon entry. REFER TO PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES under “At Dress Rehearsal”.
  • We adore the enthusiastic applause given to our performers. The appropriate time to show your support is at the end of each dance. It is intensely distracting for the performers when names or shouting erupts from the audience prior to their performance. If you see something you like during the performance by all means share the love. We kindly ask you to RESPECT the performers only chance to focus and pre-set by holding your appreciation until the end of their dance number.
  • REMEMBER: Everyone entering the auditorium needs a ticket, including parents and performers.