CHECK THE SHOWCASE BOOK at the front desk for the following things:

  • Look at your dancer’s class page, performance day is noted in RED
  • Go to the front of the book to find the order of the performance (this is attached to the email as well)
  • Don’t forget to check the spelling of your son/daughters name for accuracy in playbill!


  • Any needed sewing or altering of costumes will be discussed
  • Hair and make-up instructions
  • Color of tights and appropriate shoes to be worn with costume

DO ANY NEEDED SEWING or alterations to the costume as specified by the teacher. (If you are unable to sew or alter your child’s costume, Robin, our in house seamstress, is available to perform this service for a small fee. Please contact her at 608.371.3867.) Please allow at least 2 weeks for the alterations to be done, otherwise there will be a $10 rush charge incurred.

PURCHASE TICKETS!  Our ticket process is running a bit differently this year.

  • Each dancer that is in his/her costume with a cover-up on covering his/her costume will be let into the theater during performances.
  • Tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangeable. We are unable to hold tickets.
  • Tickets are $14.00 Adult (ages 19-64) and $8 Student/Senior (ages 3-18 and 65+).  The front half of the auditorium is reserved seating.
  • Dancers that are using their costumes to enter the theater are required to sit in the back half of the auditorium.  If you wish your dancer to sit in the front half you must purchase a ticket for them since it is reserved seating.
  • We frequently sell out, so get your tickets early!
  • Children under 2 years of age may better enjoy themselves if left at home with a babysitter. If they do attend, they can sit on parent’s lap, but if they occupy a seat they must have a ticket.
  • If you need to exit the theater during performances, you will only be allowed to do so in between numbers during applause.

VOLUNTEER! No successful production is ever accomplished without help in the auditorium and backstage; please sign up at the front desk.

MARK ALL ITEMS with dancer’s name, including all costumes, shoes, tights, headpieces, dance bags, etc.