YOU HAVE PURCHASED your costumes – they are yours to keep!

PHOTOGRAPHY – Policies are as follows:

  • ABSOLUTELY NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY IS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME. Flash photos are extremely dangerous for performers and is disruptive for those around you enjoying the performance.
  • Non-flash photos may be taken during Dress Rehearsals and Performances.

VIDEOGRAPHY – Policies are as follows:

  • Videotaping by family is allowed at the Dress Rehearsals ONLY
  • NO VIDEOTAPING is allowed at ANY of the performances
  • ANYONE videotaping during a performance will have their camera taken and held at the box office
  • DVW will be videotaping the performances – an order form will be available in the SCPA Newsletter, our website, at the desk in the boutique and at Dress Rehearsals.

2018 DVD Showcase Form coming soon!

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY – Smith Photography will be set up in the Lobby area during Dress Rehearsals for a professional session in costume if you desire. Order forms will be available at that time.