A very popular fundraiser with SCPA families, sell Perkins Pies just in time for the holidays to help raise money for your SCPA account.

ANYONE who attends SCPA is eligible to participate.

The fundraiser is underway!  All orders must be turned into SCPA front desk by Wednesday 11/15/17 – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Order forms are available at the SCPA front desk.  Below is a PDF spreadsheet – the first page is for your records (to track who ordered what pie), the second page is what you should turn into the SCPA front desk.
Perkins pie fundraiser form

Payment is due with your order, checks made out to STAGE WORKS PROJECTS.

All pies must be picked at SCPA on Tuesday 11/21/17 between 5-6pm – NO EXCEPTIONS.  We do not have space at the studio to hold the pies, so they MUST be picked up at this time.

Each pie has a profit on average of approximately $2-3 per pie.