This year we once again have the opportunity to participate in the UW Badger Game Concessions for both football and men’s basketball.  This is a great fundraiser, and open to ANYONE who has a student at SCPA for the 2015-16 Season!  StageWorks Projects earns 10% of the net sales from our stand.

This is an amazing fundraising opportunity and we want everyone to understand how it works.  We are assigned a concession stand for the entire football & men’s basketball season.  This year we are assigned to stand JJ for football which requires 16-18 workers per game.  We have lots of fun and it’s a great chance to raise funds without having to go to our friends and family to sell something!

We will note the 7 home football games this season and the times for each game (the ones that have been announced).  The list will also include the times you as a volunteer would need to arrive at the stadium.

UW Concession Fundraiser 2015

If you are interested in participating in this fundraiser please contact the parents guild.  Let her know which games you would like to work and if you have additional family/friends who would like to work as well.  All workers must be at least 16 years old.  The first home game is September 12th, so we would like to have everyone’s requests in by September 1st, if possible, so we can make sure we have enough people for each game or time to find more if needed.