Our UW Concessions Fundraiser for Badger Football and Hockey Games is well underway and spots are filling up fast!

Please read all the information below and agree to the terms and conditions.  After submitting you will receive a link to an online sign up form to pick which games you would like to work.  Please contact us if you have any questions!

Agreement for Participation in UW Football and Hockey Concession Stand Fundraisers

I hereby agree to the following:

  • All workers must be 16 years or older (UW rules).
  • You will receive a link to sign up for games after submitting this form.
  • There will be an inventory lead person and a cash lead person. Inventory lead is responsible for making sure all numbers completed on the paperwork are correct when inventory is counted.  Cash lead is responsible for picking up cash from office, counting it, completing paperwork and returning cash and paperwork to office at end of game.
  • There will be a start time for all games, however, no set end time. Everyone must stay until stand is completely cleaned and inventory/cash has been balanced.  Lead person will let you know when everyone is excused.  Leads are required to stay until UW dismisses them.
  • Required wear is black or tan pants while working concessions. Shirts and hats will be supplied.  You must return hats and shirts after each game for laundering.  You may wear a long sleeve shirt under the t-shirt.  You must wear closed toed shoes.  No jewelry is allowed with the exception of a wedding band style only.
  • We are required to maintain a minimum number of workers for each game. In the event we do not maintain the required number funds are deducted from our profits for that game.  When you sign up for a game you are responsible for that game.  In the event you are unable to fill the spots you’ve signed up for it is your responsibility to find your own substitutes.  In the event that you do not work a game that you have signed up for the portion of fundraising that the group looses will be deducted or charged to your account.  That amount will be disbursed to the workers who had those funds deducted from their fundraising.  Not showing up for a game or failure to find a substitute may result in termination of participation.
  • If you sign up to work a football game you are required to work a minimum of two hockey games. Failure to meet this requirement will result in your final football profit being held until you fulfill this commitment.